Sunday worship

English 9:45 AM

Spanish 12:45 PM

Women’s Gathering

Saturday, September 24

Men's Gathering

Friday, September 30

7:30 PM

E-Life School of Ministry

Tuesdays in September

First Year Students: “Principles of Faith” and “You & Your Bible”
Second Year Students: “Ephesians” and “Spiritual Gifts”

Finishing God's Work

ELC family … we are still in need of collecting a few thousand dollars to pay for all of the work done on our church building. Please submit donations through this website or at church. Let’s finish building God’s house!


A time for extraordinary Worship & preaching

Sundays @ 9:45 AM – English Celebration

Domingos @ 12:45 PM – Celebración en Español

Join us for an extraordinary time of worship and preaching that is beyond the ordinary church experience. Contemporary music and practical messages!


5808 Lynn Road
Tampa, FL 33624